Safeguard your firm's sensitive data.

Protect Your Firm

Make it easy to secure your client-attorney data and protect yourself from costly data breaches.

Prevent Data Leaks

Data breaches cost legal firms millions of dollars while traditional FTP or VPN security measures make it challenging to work efficiently.

Data Sovereignty

Encrypt and control sensitive information without depending on services that expose your firm to third-party risks.

Easy to use App

Share a file or create a secure link within seconds to email or text to clients – enhancing your client-attorney services and processes – without the need for costly IT administration.

Get going in less than 2 minutes!

Traditional secure file transfer solutions, like FTP or VPNs, are costly to setup and maintain. Modern cloud storage solutions don't have the level of security and privacy required for client-attorney privileges. If you need to share or receive sensitive files and data with your clients, Diode may be the perfect solution.