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Download our zero trust collaboration App, asset management CLI, and network node below.

For your people

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Chat, files, assets, and more - replace your leaky team collaboration app with Diode.

For your assets

Get the CLI

Developers and IT admins can enable zero trust remote access for devices and servers so that the right people and systems can interact.

Copy & paste the line below into a terminal:

curl -Ssf | bash

Supported on macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi (or Windows if you have curl)

Or manually install:


Unzip and Install

Unzip the CLI. On MacOS, you can double click it

$ unzip Downloads/

We recommend moving it into a $PATH directory such as /home/[user]/.local/bin


Publish Ports

To publish, e.g. local http, ports to the Diode Network call

diode publish -public 80:80

For your enterprise

Join the Network

You can deepen the security of your zero trust perimeters by hosting a node.