Look mum, no server!

The Diode P2P network allows any device on the planet to directly serve secured content to the public Internet. We're ending the monopoly of datacenter servers and the need for static IP addresses. With Diode, your Ethereum address is your static address, and, with ENS and DNS (Diode NS), your content can be accessed with a human-readable name.

What can Diode do for You?

Here are some example use cases of a decentralized P2P network. To learn more about the technical foundations, check the docs.

Publish your Raspberry Pi Webcam to the Internet

See above for a step-by-step guide for how to publish your Raspberry PI on the Diode P2P network. The example uses Diode shared streams to broadcast the video stream through the P2P network, and supports many simultaneous viewers. Check out our demo streams at https://betahaus-berlin.diode.link and https://pi-taipei.diode.link, and open multiple browser windows at once so see the shared streams in action.

curl -Ssf https://diode.io/install.sh | sudo sh

SSH into your Devices from Anywhere

Instead of using centralized servers with static IP addresses or DynDNS, you can use the static Ethereum Addresses with the Diode P2P network to setup a reliable virtual private network around the globe. All existing TCP based applications are compatible with the Diode P2P network, and can be streamed through it. To try this out, install the Diode P2P Client and tunnel your SSH connection to any other device on the Diode P2P network:

ssh pi@pi-taipei.diode -o 'ProxyCommand=nc -X 5 -x localhost:1080 %h %p'

Share Your Network with Your Friends

Define a Diode Fleet to which only your invited Friends have access. You're creating an invite-only private network over the Internet. You and your Friends can exclusively use this network for all types of secure digital traffic - whether that be file sharing, secure communications, or streaming private content. Since all communication is E2E encrypted using Ethereum Addresses for authentication, no one can get in the middle of your conversations.

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As we're working on rolling out the next evolutionary steps of the Diode Network we will be posting updates regularly. Also keep track of our twitter account to get all the latest news.

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