Secure Communication Everywhere

Diode protects your team with end-to-end encrypted messaging and web access.

A changing security landscape

We work with teams every day who are responsible for protecting information, many of whom operate in sensitive environments.

Diode’s zero trust application deploys in minutes.

Diode App

Leave no trace

Protect your digital footprint

Remove third parties from your data equation. No information to be hacked, no identities to be leaked, no data to be scraped. Just you, your people, and your assets - the way humans naturally work.

Your device becomes a cryptographic data safe that can communicate with other devices as if you own the fiber Internet cable connecting them.

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Operational Technology

Back Office Security

Product Development

Remote Teams

Developer Operations

Traveling Expats

IP and Sensitive Content

Training Cohorts

Security that works for you

Lower the
cost of collaboration

Diode’s security saves dollars today and mitigates expensive risks tomorrow. There are no storage fees, no chat history limits, and no bandwidth restrictions.

Diode can be deployed for specific teams in a way that addresses their unique security needs, yet keeps them connected with your existing software systems.

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Protected no matter what

Ditch the VPN

Stay connected globally

Your traveling and remote teams can stay connected without complicated VPNs, and can access your cloud software, hosted tools, and other resources just as if they are in the home office.

Diode’s border crossing features protect your people, their contacts, and your intellectual property, no matter the situation.

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Diode App

Zero trust under the hood

Extend your security perimeter

Diode’s zero trust data fabric makes it easy extend the secure collaboration environment with E2EE video conferencing, operational technology tools, custom web applications, devops interfaces, API tunneling, and more.

A key focus of compliance regimes is to ensure the security of your server assets. Diode’s serverless environment can accelerate, simplify, and fulfill your compliance requirements.

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What teams are saying

Diode is an amazing technology and product - it unlocks our software for use in regulated and sensitive environments.

Erich, CEO Compendium

I like very much the approach you are following at and am migrating to diode to have full remote control via ssh.

Ettoire, Modosmart

Diode’s response to my support requests makes me know they really care about all of their customers.

Krista, RPG

Diode just works.

Joey, Exosite

Diode has changed the way we do business - we are able to deploy MES components and environments fully GDPR compliant and have created a Diode-based product line.

Omer, Dera Technologies

We are now using Diode for both our administration of the network and for our financial interactions with portfolio companies. This tool has changed how we do business.

Eric, Global Enterprise Network

Diode allows us to move quickly while achieving the level of information protection for the communities and industries we serve.

Josh, YetiCGI

No third parties means Zero Leakage™

Our solutions.



The Diode App is for your team. Whether replacing a leaky chat app, sharing files E2EE, securing a server dashboard, or deploying advanced OT assets, our app unlocks the power of Diode for people.

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The Diode CLI is a headless tool for OT, IT, and IoT devices. It can be used stand-alone to secure autonomous systems, and/or in concert with team members using the Diode App.

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The Diode Vault is an autonomous tool that combines both App and CLI features in a small box or cloud appliance. 24-7 availability, backup, and geo-access for your team and assets.

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A better way

A better way

Our network.

The Diode Network is the world’s leading Smart Network - a new generation of zero trust software defined networks based on hardened blockchain technology. Think ad hoc E2EE perimeters.

Behind the scenes

How Diode works.

Diode uses Blockchain Defined Perimeters™ that define and enforce end-to-end encrypted application zones without managed servers.

World-changing collaborations

Our Partners.

Ironwood Cyber
Rebel Space
Global Enterprise Network