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Access and manage servers and OT assets

Diode CLI

Precise global access

For assets

The Diode CLI makes your IT, OT, or IoT assets both smart and secure. Every CLI-enabled asset is globally accessible to authorized parties and is 256-bit E2EE secured.

The open source CLI uses less resources than a VPN, requires no managed server infrastructure (VPN cloud), and is more secure - it brings the power of the Diode Network to your edge devices.

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Globally accessible

Every Diode client has a globally unique identifier that is used for security and routing.The Diode CLI “lights up” your device, making it accessible from anywhere in the world while securing it to only the resources you’ve authorized to access it. It becomes globally accessible while being more secure than a local network.

Use for

IoT/OT data, SSH, Websites, Server Admin

Connect, manage, collect, view, and administrate - everything you wish you could do with your IT and OT assets.

Resource publication

Whether your asset is publishing an SSH port to an explicit DevOps allow-list, an IoT API in a zero trust data fabric, or a website to the world, the CLI makes it easy.Publishing a resource with the CLI allows you to isolate the rest of the system, saving IT time and resources that would otherwise be spent on system maintenance.

Access management

Any Diode CLI client can publish a resource in private, protected, or public mode. By using the protected mode, an ad hoc zero trust perimeter is created that contains the asset, and makes it easy to manage access to it on a group level.

No third parties means Zero Leakage™

Our solutions



The Diode App is for your team. Whether replacing a leaky chat app, sharing files E2EE, securing a server dashboard, or deploying advanced OT assets, our app unlocks the power of Diode for people.

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The Diode Vault is an autonomous tool that combines both App and CLI features in a small box or cloud appliance. 24-7 availability, backup, and geo-access for your team and assets.

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The Diode Network is the world’s leading Smart Network - a new generation of zero trust software defined networks based on hardened blockchain technology. Think ad hoc E2EE perimeters.

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