Secure assets and protect your team

How different teams are using Diode

Sensitive Data

Encrypt IP and customer information

Sensitive Data

Limit your cloud data footprint and make your customers’ confident in your security by keeping sensitive content under your full control.

Make sure critical information never touches another server that will be copied, get stale, and become a liability.

PII, HIPAA, and Regulated Industries

Give your team and suppliers an easy way to collaborate and share information without the liability of email or cloud data.

Diode makes compliance regimes easy
Operational Technology

Secure remote asset management

Operational Technology

Give your team highly secure remote access to assets in hard-to-reach locations. Expand your OT security boundary without custom IT!

GDPR and Data Compliance

No matter where your assets are at in the world, Diode makes regionality and data compliance simple - all without IT setup or maintenance burden.

Move on from complicated VPN projects

Team Collaboration

Protect world wide teams

Team Collaboration

Establish full custody of your organization’s data and communications and eliminate data, identity, and behavioural leakages that could unintentionally violate regional data restrictions.

Remove points of vulnerability

Give your most vulnerable people the tools they need to operate securely in their persons, data, and communications.

Your team can be protected today
DevSec Operations

Provide access for stakeholders

DevSec Operations

Isolate server interfaces, dashboards, and network cyber operation tools from attack vectors while providing secure and easy access for the team and stakeholders.

Perfect for On Premise and Hybrid

On premise and managed cloud deployments just got a lot easier. Provision the server and ship product - Diode will connect you no matter where it lands.

Remote APIs, SSH, Dashboards, and DCO integrations

Product Development

Integrate in-house and 3rd party systems

Product Development

Create highly secure connected products without needing a cloud service. You can easily integrate partner components as your ecosystem matures - every piece of the system is explicitly identified and managed with Zero Trust security.

Enterprise Security and Access Control

Support multiple customers, integrate with enterprise security tools, and even reconfigure permissions later - all without changing your product.

Connected products without a web service