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For teams who care about the security of their operations, from the ground up

Connecting People


The Diode App is a small application for computers and mobile devices that connects teams to each other, their information, and their assets.

It’s easy for non-techies to install and use and teammates can collaborate with each other at the same level of security used to access assets and work products.

Now everyone can collaborate and get things done without ever noticing they’re 256-bit E2EE secure.

Use for

Chat, files, notes, wiki, secure web access

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Connecting Things


The Diode CLI is a headless tool that enables edge device connectivity with zero leakage. It can be used to securely connect assets anywhere in the world.

The CLI makes it easy to ensure your IT and OT systems stay in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other data regulations.

It is open-source and can be installed from binary or custom compiled for your platform.

Use for

IoT/OT data, SSH, Websites, Server Admin

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Ensuring Availability


The Diode Vault is an autonomous team member that works as an “always-on” system so team chat, files, and assets are always available – whether your people are online or not.

You can buy it for your office or deploy in a data center or friendly region to relay, sync, and backup up your data. It makes it easy for your team to operate in what we call “Light Zone” mode, reducing the amount of data distributed.

Use for

Backup, timezone-bridging, network exit node

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Upgrading the Internet


The Diode Network is the world’s leading Smart Network. Smart Networks are a new generation of zero trust software defined networks based on hardened blockchain technology. It is the fabric that allows the Diode App and CLI to create, provision, and use E2EE perimeters without requiring IT resources.

You can host your own server node to help expand the core Diode Network’s points of presence, or even deploy your own stand- alone private network.

Use for

Custom apps, traffic SLA, private networks

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