Diode Ambassador Program

Diode Ambassador Program

The Diode Ambassador Program is an invite-only referral program that provides Ambassadors with opportunities to promote Diode and to sign up their friends as Ambassadors.

On March 1st and March 4th Diode hosted a live Ask me Anything (AMA) on a new “Ambassador Program” on our X account’s Space. We’ve summarized the highlights below:

  • Ambassador Program Overview, Bandwidth Growth Program Overview
    • The Ambassador Program is a service of the Diode Foundation whose goal is the promotion of Diode software and the Diode Network. By signing up to be an Ambassador, people will have opportunities to promote Diode in their region. For example, Ambassadors can participate in the Bandwidth Growth Program, where the goal is to grow Diode’s Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) network to provide high-quality regional network bandwidth around the world.
  • Why is Diode different?
    • The Diode Network is a communications tunneling network that doesn’t rely on third party centralized authorities as part of its security gaurantees. Its decentralized and automated infrastructure uses Web3 fundamentals to deliver the network’s service as an open, extensible, and highly secure communications infrastructure. It allows people to have ownership and self custody over their own data by enabling any person or device to establish a tunnel to any other person or device, from anywhere in the world. Diode offers applications, such as Diode and the Diode CLI (more IT focused), that leverage the tunneling network’s availability, accessibility, and security. Diode’s communications application is a decentralized and encrypted messaging application that can be used as a replacement for Slack and Discord.
  • What is the Diode Foundation and the Diode Community DAO?
    • The Diode Foundation oversees the Diode token and its utilization to support growth initiatives, including the Bandwidth Growth Program and the Ambassador Program. These programs fall under purview of The Diode Foundation, and their governance is guided by the Diode Community DAO.
  • Who are Seed Ambassadors?
    • Seed Ambassadors are the a small group of initial Ambassadors who are hand-selected to be key emissaries of the Ambassador Program in their region. Seed Ambassadors receive a referral code directly from the Diode Foundation and initiate the referral program by giving these seed codes to other Ambassadors. Other Ambassadors use the seed codes to get their own codes.
  • Why and how to host a Relay Node
    • Relay Nodes are the individual points of presence of the Diode Network (DePIN nodes). A key requirement for each DePIN node will be for it to have a static IP address. Although you can host a node without a static IP address, the network will likely not prioritize bandwidth traffic to your node unless it has a static IP. Relay Nodes can be hosted in a data center or on a residential/office connection - the goal of the program is to disperse the hosting of the nodes so that there is wide geographical coverage. The current Diode Server will get an update in March / April 2024 that will simplify its deployment and significantly reduce the hosting resource requirements. This is made possible because of Diode’s upcoming support for the Moonbeam Network.
  • What happens to the current Diode miners with the addition of Moonbeam?
    • The Diode L1 blockchain will continue to run for some time, and the Diode Relay Nodes will add the ability to validate credentials either against the original Diode L1 or the newly supported Moonbeam Network. Diode will be shifting key technologies to support the Moonbeam Network over time to take advantage of the faster blocktimes and cross-chain compatibility layers. However, new tokens will be mined still on the Diode L1. The Diode L1 block time will be reduced significantly, so that the rate of new token rewards for successful blocks will become significantly less (in terms of percentage of total tokens). A bridging capability will be provided so that people with bandwidth tokens on the Diode L1 can move them, one way, to undewrite bandwidth on the Moonbeam network.
  • Timing?
    • The team is working hard to have all the pieces in place to announce Seed Ambassadors, provide Moonbeam-anchored communications, and to enable lightweight Relay Nodes in late March 2024. Please monitor our Telegram Channel for announcements.

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