Privacy-first protection for executive collaboration

You frequently share sensitive information with colleagues and partners. With Diode, you do this with military-grade security not found in other tools.

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Why choose Diode for executive protection?

Protects your organization, and yourself, from risks of harm

Guarantee Privacy

Guarantee Privacy

Executives collaborate with trusted advisors every day. In your line of work, it is essential that those discussions and documents remain strictly private.

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Eliminate Surveillance

Eliminate Surveillance

The world can be a dangerous place. Surveillance by nation-states can lead to cyber threats to your team, and risks to your organization.

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Data Compliance

Data Compliance

With privacy laws like GDPR and HIPAA, and oversight by regulatory authorities including the SEC, HHS, and U.S. Attorneys General, it is key that you do everything possible to avoid a breach of protected data.

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Designed for collaboration where security is essential.

Operational Technology

Back Office Security

Product Development

Remote Teams

Developer Operations

Traveling Expats

IP and Sensitive Content

Training Cohorts

Communicate securely
across organizations

You discuss sensitive matters with your team, as well as with trusted advisors outside of your organization.

Strict confidentiality in discussions with lawyers, advisors, and consultants is essential for your projects.

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Protected no matter what

File sharing without cloud storage

Most executives share files, even sensitive ones, as email attachments. But unintended disclosure can lead to regulatory issues.

With Diode’s decentralized architecture, you share files with simple folders, but we never have access to or store your files — so no one else can either.

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Diode App

Safer than VPNs for accessing applications

You probably access various applications when working remote. At home or around the world.

GMail, Dropbox, and the like just don’t have military-grade security like we provide It is practically impossible for you to be hacked.

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Executives, team members, and business associates can start collaborating with DIode for under $10 a month

Pricing and Packages. Can't Decide? Contact Us.

Yearly Monthly


secure collaboration for executives and teams

100 100 Billed yearly as $1200
  • Invitation codes
  • 10 chat channels
  • 20 web links
  • 10 team members
  • $10 per additional team
  • Standard support


secure collaboration and remote access

150 150 Billed yearly as $1800

All Team plus:

  • Secure server access
  • Regional access tunnels
  • $15 per additional team
  • Standard support


expanded security perimeters and integrations

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All Business plus:

  • OT/IT asset management
  • Application and fleet management
  • Whitelabeling
  • Enterprise integrations
  • Premium support SLA

What teams are saying

Diode is an amazing technology and product - it unlocks our software for use in regulated and sensitive environments.

Erich, CEO Compendium

I really like the approach you are taking at and am migrating to Diode to have secure remote control capabilities.

Ettoire, Modosmart

Diode’s response to my support requests highlights how much they really care about all of their customers.

Krista, RPG

Diode just works.

Joey, Exosite

Diode has changed the way we do business - we are able to deploy MES components and environments fully GDPR compliant and have created a Diode-based product line.

Omer, Dera Technologies

We are now using Diode for both our administration of the network and for our financial interactions with portfolio companies. This tool has changed how we do business.

Eric, Global Enterprise Network

Diode allows us to move quickly while achieving the level of information protection for the communities and industries we serve.

Josh, YetiCGI

What makes Diode different?

No cloud storage

No cloud storage

The cloud is great. But hackers and malicious actors love it too. We never store any of your messages or files in the cloud. That’s our decentralized technology at work.

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Miliary-grade security

Miliary-grade security

From the beginning, Diode has been designed using world-changing technology to ensure privacy and security in your communications and sharing. No compromises.

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No access to your data

No access to your data

Diode never has access to any of your messages or files that you and your team share. This provides you with another level of security that most cloud providers can’t offer.

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