Secure Redzone Collaboration

Secure Redzone Collaboration

Secure Redzone Collaboration

We increasingly live, work, and learn in an interconnected digital landscape.  With its growing complexity, the demand for seamless, secure, and unrestricted access to collaborative resources has never been greater. As a Zero Trust (ZT) communications company, Diode is focused on providing secure collaboration tools to users worldwide in a way that transcends common geographical and technical limitations. 

Many of our customers use Diode to stay connected to their teams, partners, contacts, and digital assets - even when they need to operate in “Red Zone” regions. Red Zones are areas in which your people or your information may be exposed to higher risk if your data were leaked or observed.  

Here are some things that our customers value about Diode’s approach to enabling teams living in or traveling through Red Zones:

  • Communication: At the very core of collaboration is communication - if you can’t communicate, you can’t achieve your purpose as a team.  Whether it’s sensitive business discussions or personal conversations, Diode’s serverless, end-to-end encrypted messaging keeps your people, and their ecosystems, securely connected.

  • Conferencing: Although voice and video conferencing aren’t the same as spending time in real life, they add a significant trust and goodwill factor to team collaborations.  However unknown to many users, several conferencing platforms rob trust from these human interactions by silently adding their own AI and data scraping participant to the conference.  Diode’s “Diode Conferencing Service” restores privacy to your audio and video conferences.

  • Browsing: We often hear “Your secure chat and files are great, but can we use Teams?” (or whatever the preferred cloud software tool).  With Diode’s globally available secure tunneling capabilities, you can BOTH use Teams AND achieve the security your people need no matter what region they are living or traveling around the world.

  • Curated Resources: Diode’s “bookmark” feature allows the Zone administrator to configure Software as a Service (SaaS) and self-hosted application resources (e.g. CRM) that the team needs to operate.  These capabilities are made available globally without worrying about data leaks or unauthorized access, thanks to Diode’s Zero Trust architecture.

  • Training: Many of our customers routinely provide training to cohorts of employees or students - these courses are often conducted online and facilitated by a remote instructor. The ability to explore a topic unhindered is one of the most fundamental requirements of a positive learning environment. Diode’s integration with LMS software, such as Compendium 360, ensures that high quality curated content can be provided in a protected environment - giving employees and students everything they require to learn, explore, and develop.

  • Border Crossing: Sometimes retaining physical security of a device is not possible.  Diode’s Border Crossing feature helps protect your people, information, and assets even when physical security is breached.

  • Pseudoanonymity: All it takes to start using Diode is a pseudoanonymous user name - once someone is signed up, human and organizational relationships build the collaboration zones.  Since each person’s login information uses a self-custody cryptographic signature, there is no need for phone number or email to recover an account.

Protect your team today

By combining Zero Trust networking principles with a commitment to universal accessibility, Diode opens the doors to a future where individuals and businesses can collaborate and communicate with confidence, irrespective of geographical boundaries. 

Download Diode now and join the movement to break down digital barriers while safeguarding your data and connections.