Getting Started Edit

Install diode

Run this in a terminal

  curl -Ssf | sh

Publish your local webserver

Diode is a swiss army knife of web3 capabilities. For starters it allows you to publish local services through web3 and on our gateway domains. To publish you http service run this:

  diode publish -public 80:80

This will publish a web server running on localhost port 80. If you’re running a Elixir development server the default port would be 4000 and you would publish that with:

  diode publish -public 4000:80

And with nodejs typically port 3000 is the default:

  diode publish -public 3000:80

Once you run this command diode will you show information about the connectivity and your published ports similiar to this:

07/23/2020 20:01:44 [INFO] Diode Client version : v0.4.6                                                                           
07/23/2020 20:01:44 [INFO] Checking for updates... 
07/23/2020 20:01:44 [INFO] No updates 
07/23/2020 20:01:44 [INFO] Last valid block     : 541386 0x000026a67190d70c7700b42cd1f1a51a0beda0232b8efed72733fea42705d132        
07/23/2020 20:01:44 [INFO] Client address       : 0x55c8ee625db628b493b1d084afe25e962a570cdf                                       
07/23/2020 20:01:44 [INFO] Fleet address        : 0x979d4824fefd8910c6db45ac45e956678fb04ed0                                       
07/23/2020 20:01:45 [INFO] Connected to host:, validating... 
07/23/2020 20:01:47 [INFO] Network is validated, last valid block number: 546981 
07/23/2020 20:01:47 [INFO]                      :                                                                                  
07/23/2020 20:01:47 [INFO] Http Gateway Enabled :                    
07/23/2020 20:01:47 [INFO] Port      <name>     : <extern>     <mode>    <protocol>     <allowlist>                                
07/23/2020 20:01:47 [INFO] Port       4000      :       80      public       tls             

Note the line Http Gateway Enabled that shows the url under which your web server is exposed. You can use that to test and share that url.

Reserve a subdomain is not an easy to remember subdomain. So we register a human readable name instead with diode

diode bns -register my-example-name

This will register the name and create a registry entry on the blockchain. It might take a couple of minutes before the initial registration is complete. Afterwards you can use your domain under _

The registration binds the the subdomain to your local wallet. Ensure to keep a backup of your wallet file at ~/.config/diode/private.db so you won’t loose access to the domain

Have fun with this, and let use know in our telegram channel any feature requests you have!