Easily Upload Files from Your Phone to Your Computer

Easily Upload Files from Your Phone to Your Computer

It is surprising how hard it can be to upload files and pictures from your phone to your computer.

I used to use email to send the file to myself as an attachment. This would usually work, but had some problems:

  • email usually has a file size limit so it may not work if the file is large
  • multiple file attachments can be hard to keep organized
  • the email will get buried over time, making access difficult later

Another option I used was a messaging app. I would message files from my phone to my spouse and then switch to my computer so that I could access our chat and download from there. My spouse is very forgiving, but I know it was annoying for her to get these messages.

Diode is an even better solution - it enables me to upload files directly from my phone to my computer - all I need to do is set up a shared folder in my Diode Zone. I can set up as many folders as I like and upload any size or type of file.

Here’s how:

  1. Open Diode Drive and select the desired Zone
  2. Click the box arrow icon to open the Zone folder and create a sub-folder that you want to use for uploads.
  3. Select your new upload folder by checking the box and then clicking the share icon. This will open the “Share” setting where you can select the options you want. Check the boxes for both “Can Upload” and “Enabled”, then hit “Save”.
  4. Scan the QR code with your phone. It will open a web portal where you can upload files directly.
  5. Click one file or long press to select multiple files. Once you have selected your files, they are uploaded automatically.

Check out this video for a visual walk-through!

Some additional tips:

  • Bookmark the upload webpage for easy access from your mobile browser
  • Use “Add to Home Screen” to add an icon so you can upload any time with one click!
  • Share the QR code or URL with others so that they can also share files directly to your computer, perfect for parties and other events!
  • Add other team members to your Zone so that the files are automatically replicated to your family, friends, or co-workers