File Sharing Without Uploading to the Cloud

File Sharing Without Uploading to the Cloud

When we talk on the phone, our experience is one of directly calling another person - we no longer have to interact with switchboards, operators, and party lines. Those are things of the past, no longer necessary in today’s directly connected world.

Why isn’t file sharing like calling someone on the phone - a direct connection without the involvement of third parties?

Diode Drive makes this possible - it allows you to share files directly from your computer straight to another computer or device!

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Cloud-based file sharing applications, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others, are today playing the role of the telephone operator in file sharing and collaboration - the third party in between. To take the analogy a step further, many of these third-parties also “listen in” on the information in your files. To make matters worse, their business models are often constructed around their ability to listen in!

What if you could share a file directly with another person without the privacy concerns of third parties?

With Diode Drive any file, no matter the size, can both be shared and synchronized with the people you choose - all without ever uploading to the cloud.

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