Replacing VPN For International Teams

Replacing VPN For International Teams

Replacing VPNs for International Companies and NGOs

Diode benefits organizations everywhere seeking data security solutions for personally identifiable information (PII), health, financial, or other sensitive and regulated information. However, Diode’s secure tunneling features are particularly beneficial for international teams.  Diode enable teams working across different geographic locations, ensuring that data, IP addresses, websites being accessed, and other data remains confidential during use.  

Diode’s tunneling capability secures access to common tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace for international companies and NGOs. This capability can replace the need for VPNs, reducing cost and IT department configuration, while allowing precise and safe access to organizational resources in all regions of the world.

Diode’s app provide easy tunneled user access to team tools and platforms, while significantly increasing security. Diode’s solution enables team members to reduce meta data leakage and protect sensitive information by bookmarking specific organizational links within their Diode zone. These bookmarks launch an in-app browser, or the Brave browser, configured to connect via a secure tunnel through a specific region or directly to a specific website.  In this way, key tools (such as organizational work platforms, CRMs, critical dashboards, and other productivity tools) are securely integrated into a team collaboration environment and made available to the whole team no matter where they are at in the world. Taking secure tunneling a step further than traditional VPN, Diode empowers organizations to configure self-hosted critical resources off the public internet through directly connected “Web3 bookmarks”. 

This global access to tunneled resources ensures security and also offers a better user experience than costly enterprise VPNs or off-the-shelf consumer VPNs. By prioritizing ease of access and offering comprehensive protection, Diode offers a reliable solution for organizations wanting to safeguard their team communications, sensitive data, and intellectual property while operating and collaborating internationally.

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