Public Beta of Diode Drive Released

Public Beta of Diode Drive Released

We’re very excited to announce the Public Beta of Diode Drive! Diode Drive is a great replacement for Google Drive and Dropbox for individuals and organizations who want to safeguard their digital sovereignty. It is a high security, end-to-end encrypted solution for file sharing, collaboration, and backup that prioritizes security and confidentiality.

If you’ve been looking for a way to share files over the Internet without uploading them to the cloud, Diode Drive is the ideal solution. File sharing via Diode Drive has no servers in the middle that have access to the files, or even to any details about those who access the information.

Diode Drive can be used to share a file or folder with anyone, regardless if they have Diode Drive installed. It can also be used to collaborate real-time with Team Members - friends, family, and co-workers who do have Diode Drive installed. Team Members all operate in a Sovereignty Zone where file synchronization and other types of collaboration and organization can happen. Each Zone uses Diode’s high security, no-server technology that ensures the confidentiality and sovereignty of your Team Members’ digital footprint.

Early Mentions

Just a couple of days after the beta was released, Diode Drive was posted to Hacker News as “Diode Drive – Privacy-focused distributed alternative to GoogleDrive and Dropbox” where it trended to the front page for over 24 hours. The comments, feedback, and support for an E2E encrypted file sync and file sharing solution underscored the importance that we believe Diode Drive represents.


Downloads are available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (x86 and ARM).


For technically-oriented Beta users, please consider adding feature requests and bug reports on our GitHub feedback page.

Others can join our Telegram channel to discuss, or contact us directly.

How it Works

Diode Drive is an E2E encrypted file collaboration tool that also allows sharing files with anyone in the world, and is made possible by the Diode Network. Here is a ~9 minute about how Diode Drive works:


Please check out our Diode Drive documentation category on our docs site for more details.