Benefits of Zero Trust for IoT

Benefits of Zero Trust for IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions often lack the ability to sufficiently protect critical data. By using E2EE (end to end encryption) and Zero Trust, you can keep your communications fully secure, making it easy to achieve regulatory compliance. 

Equipping IoT solutions with Zero Trust technology can improve your security in the following ways: 

  1. Data Confidentiality: E2EE ensures that data being transmitted between devices is securely encrypted from the sender to the intended recipient. Only specifically authorized devices have the necessary keys to decrypt and access the data, protecting it from interception, unauthorized accessed, or tampering. These features are especially crucial for devices that handle personal or sensitive information. 

  2. Protection from Third Party leakage: When IoT connections do not utilize E2EE, the data will often pass through a ‘middleman’ or third party, such as cloud servers or gateways, before reaching its intended destination. These third parties can become points of vulnerability as they handle and process the data as it is being sent, stored, or received. E2EE can bypass such third parties and keep data handling within an organization’s control, thereby reducing the risk of third party data breaches.

  3. Identity Validation: Zero Trust uses a policy of least permission, ensuring that every connection is authenticated in order for the device to communicate. Diode’s Smart Network takes identity validation to a higher level by automating the process of identity registration and validation.

Overall Diode’s Zero Trust connections ensure the protection of data by minimizing exposure to potential vulnerabilities at every layer.  With Diode, your data and information remains fully safeguarded while being globally available.

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