Diode Product Update - May 2024

Diode Product Update - May 2024

The Diode team has been working hard to transform the Internet into everyone’s private network! Here are some of the updates that were made this May for Diode (v1.11.5 - 1.11.9).

Configuration for Bookmark Tunnels
There is now a small gear icon in the Bookmark Listing page allowing tunnels to be created and configured for supported plans by the Zone Admin. These bookmark tunnels are for when the Admin would like to create and configure a Bookmark tunnel for a website they want to access via a Diode tunnel (vs. over the open Internet).

Username Availability
The speed in which the chosen username availability is verified is now quicker!

Private Channel UI Update
Some UI features were updated for administrators of private chat channels so it is more intuitive when adding/removing members or making other configuration changes.

Ownership Transfer of Zones using Free Plans
The App would previously restrict Free Plan Zones from transferring ownership to another user. This is now an available feature!

Join or Create Zone Option
When new users join the Diode App, they now have the option of just joining someone else’s Zone rather than immediately creating a default Zone of their own.

More Options if an Error Occurs
If a bug is discovered, there are now several options that allow the user to return to the App’s about page, share logs and report the bug, return to the previous Zone’s home page, or return to the previous Zone’s settings page.

Bug Fixes
The team addressed various bugs such as the markdown viewer no longer crashing if breaking non-Unicode characters are present, the About Page is now always synced to all members in a Zone, and Zone invites are now being accepted regardless of potentially duplicated folder names.

If you want to read more about the specifics of each update, to go our App Versions page and check out the specific version details.

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