Diode Product Update - March and April 2024

Diode Product Update - March and April 2024

The Diode team continues to work hard as two months worth of updates are now running on the app! Here are some of the updates that were made in March and April for Diode (v1.10.5 - 1.11.4).

Default Brave Bookmark
Newly created tunnels in the Brave browser automatically include a default “What’s my IP?” bookmark for a quick Internet exit location checks for users.

API: Subscribe to All Channels
The API now supports subscribing to all channels, enabling the creation of chat bots and integrations that can interact with a user’s direct messages, responding to any DM from any other member. Privately tunneled AI / LLM anyone?

Read Only Team Members
New invite codes default to using the “Read Only” role for newly joining team members.

Remote API v2.1
The newest version of the API was released and it supports more varieties of channel names.

Default Moonbeam Profiles
Upon signing up, new users automatically also get a Moonbeam profile identity.

Share Log Files to Chat
To make it easier to report a bug or request support, “View Logs” (under Profile -> Operations) has a new share icon to allow users to share the logs to a chat channel or direct message.

Zone Progress Indicator
A progress indicator now informs users of a new Zone’s setup status, including file synchronization and meta information progress, while an indicator alerts users to the active joining process. Pending blockchain operations are also now consistently displayed in the app’s header for easy status checking with the “operations pending” icon.

Show Zone ID in Zone Settings
The Zone settings area now displays the Zone ID for Admins and Owners, facilitating the publication of assets (e.g. via the CLI) for tunneled access by Zone Team Members.

Faster Zone Joining
Clicking on a new Zone icon now immediately takes you to the Zone vs. after a 5 - 30 second delay.

Animated Loading Circle on Buttons
An animated “loading” circle now appears when a processing or lookup button is clicked to show that the action has been registered and is loading.

Reduce Energy Consumption
The processing of encrypted messages has been reduced so that the app doesn’t use as much energy.

Bug Fixes
The team addressed various bugs such as visible notification flash messages on mobile home, duplicate folders being displayed in non-sync mode, backup feature breaking certain Zones on Windows, Zone joining reliability, faster direct messaging, Android system audio playback, and Windows direct messaging images.

If you want to read more about the specifics of each update, to go our App Versions page and check out the specific version details.

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