Diode Product Update - June 2024

Diode Product Update - June 2024

The Diode team has been working hard to transform the Internet into everyone’s private network! Here are some of the updates that were made this May for Diode (v1.11.10 - 1.11.13).

Share Files to Folder or Chat
Users can now use the OS “share” function to share a file to a chat or a folder location when previously this function was only supported a folder location.

Chat Greeting
Admins have the option to create a chat greeting per Zone so that the new members joining the Zone can get an automatic greeting when the admin’s name is selected to chat with for friendly engagement.

Multiple Invite Codes
Invitation codes can now invite one or more Diode users to be any role type in a Zone along with an expiration date and limit to the amount of times an invite code can be sent.

Organized Plan Entitlements for “Read Only” Users
Separate entitlements are now shown separately on the Zone settings Plan page and are also treated differentlyin the various add user and invitation code configuration areas.

Bug Fixes
The team addressed various bugs such as removing the ability to go back to a file that no longer exists, handling delayed block state updates that caused occasional missed Zone settings, elminating a condition that created malformed databases for new Zones, a quicker way to join Zone conversations or private chats…

If you want to read more about the specifics of each update, to go our App Versions page and check out the specific version details.

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