Decentralized Dropbox Alternative

Decentralized Dropbox Alternative

Diode Drive is a secure and confidential decentralized Dropbox alternative.

Diode Drive provides a self-custody solution for your information. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can use Diode Drive to maintain a secure information environment (e.g. HIPAA, GDPR, cross-geopolitical security, anti-scraping, de-google) without IT development or maintenance.

Read below for how Diode Drive can be a more secure, confidential, and affordable decentralized Dropbox alternative.

Diode Drive as a Decentralized Dropbox Alternative

1) Storage Cost

Dropbox has a number of plans, including a basic free plan that has up to 2GB of storage. The highest plan has unlimited storage, and costs $20/user/month.

Diode Drive has no fees for storage size – you can store as much data as your devices can handle for free.

2) Data Confidentiality

Dropbox stores all your data on their servers – they have full access to your information. While Dropbox’s privacy policy may or may not reassure you that Dropbox will not use your information in a way you do not expect, organizations such as Dropbox are daily subject to information requests from relevant authorities. Sometimes these information requests include requests for data stored by account holders.

Diode Drive, on the other hand, has no servers that store your data, and file transfers and communications are end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, Diode can’t access your information in ways you do not expect, regardless of the reason.

3) Account Security

As with all web services, Dropbox can email you a “reset password” link to enable you to regain access to your account. However, server-based account credentials, and other customer or product support features intended to help you, can sometimes be used to compromise your account.

Diode Drive accounts use a Backup Code approach that enables a fully decentralized method of account security. Not only is Diode unable to reset the credentials for your account, no one at Diode can use a backdoor to gain access to your account or data.

4) Personal Information

Although better in this area than many web services, Dropbox requires a valid email address, and requests your first and last name.

Diode Drive is committed to your right to keep your identity separate from your online activity. The only thing that Diode Drive requires is for you to pick a username of 8 characters or more. Additionally, you can set a “Nickname” that only your other Team Members can see.

5) Data Storage Locations

Dropbox stores your information on cloud servers which are located in a limited number of regions and have restrictions on data migration.

Diode Drive is a self-custody solution – storage is provided by your Zone’s Team Members – no additional data footprint is created. You can locate a Team Member (including backup devices) in any location you wish. You have the flexibility of including cloud-based servers (for faster access), or limiting membership to just the devices and IT assets that comply with your information security goals.

Further, since Diode Drive connection routing uses a decentralized network, your information can be accessed securely by Team Members from any part of the world.

6) Direct Connections

The Dropbox cloud servers are always in the middle of synchronizing files between Dropbox team users. Even if other team users are in the same room, updates to files are first sent to the cloud and then to the other users.

Diode Drive has a Direct Connect feature that directly connects Team Members. This is often the case, for example, when working together in the same office. With Direct Connections, file transfers and communications can be much faster, Internet bandwidth usage is reduced, and the footprint of encrypted traffic is minimized.

Diode Drive’s file synchronization works like a “private bit torrent” - Team Members each simultaneously provide parts of a file to a Team Member who is out of date. This allows file updates to be rapidly synchronized.

7) End to End Encryption

Dropbox uses user-to-server encryption for transferring files. The server always terminates the encryption.

Diode uses end to end encryption (user to user) for transferring files, chat, and other communications. This removes a number of attack vectors that can be used to compromise your information, communications, or team members.

8) Share Without the App

Dropbox allows you to share files and folders read-only to someone who does not have Dropbox installed via shared link. To do this, you must upload the file to Dropbox servers and send the person the read-only link to the file.

Diode Drive allows you to share a read or edit link to a file or folder without even uploading to the cloud. Further, you can customize the sharing page with your custom organization name and logo.

Diode Drive brings a whole new approach to file storage, synchronization, and collaboration – please download it and let us know what you think!