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Yahsin Huang

How Blockquick Super Light Client Protocol Can Help Mitigate Eclipse Attacks


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In May, Diode’s CTO Dominic Letz published a paper introducing BlockQuick, a super light client protocol for blockchain validation on constrained devices. The paper shows that unlike other existing approaches such as proofs of proof-of-work (PoPoW) and FlyClient, Diode’s BlockQuick super light client protocol is capable of protecting against eclipse attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks on a peer-to-peer network. But what is an eclipse attack? Is it possible to prevent...

How Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure Will Be The Future For The Web


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If you’ve been following our blog, you will have heard us mentioning the term decentralized public key infrastructure before. But you probably don’t know what it is or how it works, let alone why it matters so much. In this post, we will examine current approaches to the traditional centralized PKI, explore the basics of decentralized public key infrastructure (DPKI), and then show how blockchain-based DPKI can make an impact as the industry transitions...