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Hans Rempel


Hans has led teams for two decades creating innovations in distributed ledger and connected device applications. He has seen first hand the market transformation brought by these innovations, and is passionate about removing barriers to adoption and unlocking scale.

Web2.0 Custom Domains Hosted by Web3


In an important step for evolving Web2.0 to Web3, Diode has released the ability to map a Web2.0 domain to a Diode Web3 Client Address! This enables any Web3 publisher to publish content on a Web2.0 domain. All 2, 3, and 4 letter Top Level Domains are supported. Previous to this release, Web3 content could be published only to other Web3 clients or via the https://{clientname}.diode.link Web2.0 subdomain.

This capability is important both...

The impact of decentralized infrastructure on wireless communications

Distributed Infrastructure

The Diode Network enables practical distributed trust for IoT communications (and for other modalities as well). The implications of this for distributed IT infrastructure are significant. However, as the reality of distributed infrastructure emerges, other more immediate applications on the way to fully distributed infrastructure are also interesting. One of these applications is distributed wireless network operations.

For star topology wireless networks, as exists in today’s cellular communications paradigm, there are four primary things...