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Hans Rempel


Hans has led teams for two decades creating innovations in distributed ledger and connected device applications. He has seen first hand the market transformation brought by these innovations, and is passionate about removing barriers to adoption and unlocking scale.

Free Slack Alternative


Slack has recently changed its pricing to require a subscription to a paid plan to retain access to older messages - this change has motivated a lot of people to look for a free Slack alternative.

Diode Drive is a content-first collaboration application that makes chat for teams more pertinent, more secure, and better to use.

Read below for how Diode can not only be used a free Slack alternative, but also as...

Secure Evernote Alternative


Diode Drive can be used as a secure note taking application for multiple devices. Many of us at Diode are ex Evernote users, and have been frustrated with the lack of quality secure Evernote alternatives.

With Diode Drive’s recent introduction of a note editor, we feel for the first time ever that confidential/sensitive information can be quickly, conveniently, and securely stored in our notes. Read below for how Diode Drive can be...

Raspberry Pi File Server


There are no inherently “cloud” components of Diode-based applications – they are decentralized systems, aggregating capabilities from the edge-connected participants. While that has many advantages (security, low-cost-of-maintenance, efficiency, accessibility), it means that some of the state persistence that centralized Web2 applications take for granted must be provided for differently in a pure Web3 / Diode environment.

In the case of Diode Drive, if all Team Members in a...

File Sharing Without Uploading to the Cloud


When we talk on the phone, our experience is one of directly calling another person - we no longer have to interact with switchboards, operators, and party lines. Those are things of the past, no longer necessary in today’s directly connected world.

Why isn’t file sharing like calling someone on the phone - a direct connection without the involvement of third parties?

Diode Drive makes this possible - it allows you to share files directly...

Public Beta of Diode Drive Released


We’re very excited to announce the Public Beta of Diode Drive! Diode Drive is a great replacement for Google Drive and Dropbox for individuals and organizations who want to safeguard their digital sovereignty. It is a high security, end-to-end encrypted solution for file sharing, collaboration, and backup that prioritizes security and confidentiality.

If you’ve been looking for a way to share files over the Internet without uploading them to the cloud, Diode Drive is...

Web2.0 Custom Domains Hosted by Web3


In an important step for evolving Web2.0 to Web3, Diode has released the ability to map a Web2.0 domain to a Diode Web3 Client Address! This enables any Web3 publisher to publish content on a Web2.0 domain. All 2, 3, and 4 letter Top Level Domains are supported. Previous to this release, Web3 content could be published only to other Web3 clients or via the https://{clientname}.diode.link Web2.0 subdomain.

This capability is important both...

The impact of decentralized infrastructure on wireless communications

Distributed Infrastructure

The Diode Network enables practical distributed trust for IoT communications (and for other modalities as well). The implications of this for distributed IT infrastructure are significant. However, as the reality of distributed infrastructure emerges, other more immediate applications on the way to fully distributed infrastructure are also interesting. One of these applications is distributed wireless network operations.

For star topology wireless networks, as exists in today’s cellular communications paradigm, there are four primary things...