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Allen M


Allen brings a wealth of market channel experience to the Diode team. He loves seeing the Diode technologies impact every day use cases.

I just want to have all my files in one place!


If you’re like me, you have a lot of devices. I have my work computer, family laptop, family desktop, phone, tablet, as well as a few other devices. My wife has several devices too, as do my teenage kids.

I have tried different methods to keep all our files organized, accessible, and shareable. Online options have file and storage size limits, I am never sure if my files are secure, and I have to provide...

Easily Upload Files from Your Phone to Your Computer


It is surprising how hard it can be to upload files and pictures from your phone to your computer.

I used to use email to send the file to myself as an attachment. This would usually work, but had some problems:

  • email usually has a file size limit so it may not work if the file is large
  • multiple file attachments can be hard to keep organized
  • the email will get buried over time,...