Serverless Communications

By using the Diode Network, no Internet IT infrastructure is required to deploy inherently connected systems.

Cameras and Internet of Things

Cameras and IoT devices can publish secure streams of data without preconfiguring application details. Each device has a globally unique address with comprehensive chain of ownership functionality.

Remote Access for File Storage and IT Equipment

By using the Diode Network as the routing and permission layer for remote access to NAS systems and other IT equipment, manufactures can focus on their core compentency and do more.

Private Communications

Fully decentralized, trustless applications can be deployed on the Diode Network, enabling better user experiences and unique value propositions for security and privacy.

The Diode team loves seeing how our products enable people and businesses to regain control and privacy of their information and systems. If there is an opportunity to help you find the right balance for your endeavor, please get in touch!