Configure Metamask Edit

When you want to interact with the Diode prenet from within your browser, you can do so on the prenet browser. To make MetaMask recognize this prenet you have to add it to your MetaMask installation through these steps.

Get Metamask

If you’re not sure head over to and get metamask from there.

Add Network Settings

After install metamask let’s there should be a little fox icon in the top right of your browser window. Clicking on that you should see the main metamask interface as show below.

"MetaMask network start"

Clicking on the top right circle you should see the MetaMask “My Accounts” page where you can find the ‘Settings’ at the very bottom.

"MetaMask network settings"

Click on the ‘Settings’ entry and scroll to the very bottom again. There you will fine the ‘Networks’ entry and click that.

"MetaMask networks"

Finally at the bottom of the Networks settings there is big blue button called ‘Add Network’ click that and enter the Diode Prenet values there as below:

"MetaMask diode settings"

Network NameDiode
Block Explorer URL

When everything worked out well you should now be able to register a BNS name or deploy your own fleet contract via the prenet explorer.