Diodesm Web3 Network

PKI, the system that we all have relied on to protect web traffic for over 30 years, is broken. The governance structures have failed, broken implementations and misuse are spread far beyond repair, and it's weaknesses are exploited through fraud and digital theft every day. Our Diode Chain™ software creates a new network designed for smart devices. The Diode Network is the first to implement unforgable proof-of-time and network-device authentication based on blockchain technology. Man-In-The middle attacks become impossible, and security dependencies on third parties are removed. The network has higher security than PKI with much lower overhead and maintenance needs. It is truly autonomous. Diode allows developers to build new IoT applications on top of the network, or to migrate existing workloads that take advantage of the higher security and lower operating costs.

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What can Diode do for IoT?


Secure Connectivity

The Diode Chain software uses unique blockchain authentication that allows devices to directly establish secure connectivity with the blockchain. After connecting, devices have full access to the data protected by the blockchain consensus. Man-In-The-Middle attacks through fake PKI certificates and DNS spoofing have no chance.


Lower Cost

The Diode Network has an inherent monetization system, based on the Diode token. In combination with Diode Fleet contracts, this monetization system creates an IoT resource marketplace where providers compete for business, leading to the lowest possible prices. The blockchain autonomously keeps the controls tight and ensures correct behaviour.


Streaming Network

Whether it is video data from a home camera to an end user, or broadcasting messages to thousands of endpoints, the Diode Network is a native IoT network providing streaming and storage services for all connected devices.

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Our team consists of true IoT experts from both the business and the technology side. We're dedicated to a secure IoT future!

Avatar Dominic Letz

Dominic Letz

Chief Technology Officer

Avatar Greg Belcher

Greg Belcher

VP Business Development

Avatar Hans Rempel

Hans Rempel


Avatar Peter Lai

Peter Lai

Blockchain Security Software Engineer

Avatar Yahsin Huang

Yahsin Huang

Social Media Manager

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