Diode is responsible for governance and issuance of Diode Tokens, governance and maintenance of the Diode Network, and growing the ecosystem surrounding both. The Diode Network is formed by the producers and miners who run instances of the Diode Chain™ Software. The Diode Chain Software’s development and configuration management is provided by Diode. Users of the Diode Network must use Diode Tokens to be granted access to the Diode Network’s unique capabilities for secure IoT communications. Diode manages the issuance (block rewards) and other tokenomics for Diode Tokens.

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What is the Diode Chaintm software?


Edge Connector

Designed for microchips Diode Chains edge connector software runs even on very constrained client devices. Written in protable C and implemening Diodes BlockQuick™ algorithm this piece of sofware allos to connect real world microchips such as the TI CC3220, development boards such as Arduino Yun and Industrial Gateways securely to the IoT cloud. With 10x less memory than competitive products it's delivering 1000x times higher security for endpoint devices.


Efficient & Secure Mining

The Diode Chain software bundles the StakeWork™ consensus algorithm, providing more than 3x better energy efficiency compared with BitCoin and Ethereum while providing effective protections against Proof-Of-Work attacks. The algorithm is bundled with both the edge connector and the mining node software providing providing reference implementations.


Mining Node Sofware

The full nodes of the Diode network are Ethereum VM and Ethereum RPC compatible offering developers access to the full set of the development tools of the Ethereum Ecosystem such as remix and solidity. The Diode Chain software bundle contains the full reference implementation allowing easy operation in datacanters and mining operations.

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Management Team

Our team consists of true IoT experts from both the business and the technology side. We're dedicated to a secure IoT future!

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Dominic Letz

Chief Technology Officer

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Greg Belcher

VP Business Development

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Hans Rempel